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organizing creative spaces

There is a myth that artists only create and live in chaotic spaces. This may be true for some but not for others depending on the personality and style of art they are producing. When an artist is in full creative process their studios will quickly fill up with inspiration, paint drippings and clutter. As a fine artist, I can say that the only way to truly see your work is to stop can clean your space. Time is so valuable for an artist but the work put in is worth the time out from your creative process. You can not see where you are going until you see where you are.

Make your studio a blank canvas. Paint the walls, clean the floors and organize your supplies. I am a big believer in re-purposing storage systems I used an old bookshelf to organize my supplies and sketchbooks.

Cleaning your studio will maximize your space and creativity potential

Check out my before and after photo gallery

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