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Hoarding creating a path to recovery

Let me start by saying that my courageous client gave me permission to post these before and after images. Hoarding is an addiction. In my experience addiction is an addiction. Each addiction manifests itself in different ways. At the root of it all is loneliness, loss, shame, and fear. I began working with my client when she had reached her bottom. I have been working with my client for 5 years. When we started her wish was to create a path to the window so that she could turn her A/C on again for the first time in 7 years. Prepare a home-cooked meal in her kitchen and decorate a Christmas tree again ( which we did together ). I coached her as well as supported her to reach these goals. Creating a workable step by step plan to re-enter her life with dignity and grace.

As the hoard was sorted and emptied my clients' life became fuller and more meaningful. Change is possible for everyone with the right amount of support and guidance.

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