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Home Organizing


  • De-clutter living spaces and offices


  • Help clients "let go" of items no longer serving their spaces and lives through donation, selling items on eBay, craigslist, and tag sales as well as the most difficult for most throwing out


  • Hire and research contractors and handyman


  • Create in systems to store personal items more efficiently and visually appealing


  • Furniture placement to maximize the use of space


  • Online shopping for household items (storage units, drapes, beds, bookshelves), etc


  • Placement of art


  • Catalog music and movies


  • Organize photographs and memorabilia



  • I help clients downsize their homes and possessions


  • I help clients decide what to put in storage


  • Pack and create a detailed list of all items


  • Unpack boxes in new space


  • Set up utilities, change of address


  • Interview and hire moving companies


  • Stage your home for sale


  • Organize tag sales


  • Photo books

  • Children’s artwork

  • School work

  • Portfolios

  • Memory books

  • Placement of art in a home

  • Framing children’s artwork


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