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Are you addicted to your story?

Are you addicted to your story? Do you ever find yourself saying things like, I am lazy, I hate my life, I am a slob or this is just the way I am? I hear my clients say these self-defeating and hurtful words all the time. A big part of the work I do with my clients is purging things that have built up. Paper, clothing, objects and yes habits that are manifested from our earliest stories. The stories we were told about ourselves by our parents, teachers and then become a blueprint to how we express and see our selves in the world. Unfortunately these stories as painful as they may have become comfortable and safe. What if you let go of your story slowly?

I spent an afternoon with a client clearing out his bedroom. In the end, we gathered up 20 bags of clothing most to be donated some to be trashed. We cleaned, dusted and re-created the space together. We carried all the bags out of the house.

When I was leaving I complimented him on all his hard work. His response was " I guess I am just lazy " I said would a person who is lazy choose to spend his week off from teaching do what he did today? I told him it was time to let go of that story it no longer served him. Instead, try saying I am proud of my self. I am a hard working father who loves my family and wanted to create a space that reflects that love.

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