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I want to give a shout out to Deborah Goldstein of The Art of Organizing, for helping me finally start getting my home in order. Over the years, I have made valiant attempts on my own, but I have never been able to get past a certain point. This summer, I finally felt ready to reach out for help, and Deborah rose to the task. She helped me finally climb over that seemingly insurmountable wall and see the other side.

Her approach is gentle and nonjudgmental, and she helped me let go of things I didn’t need to hold onto anymore without being pushy. She helped me reconceptualize my space and find storage solutions that I hadn’t considered before. She was also very encouraging and supportive throughout the process.

I am so grateful to Deborah for all she has done for me - and for my family. I highly recommend her.




After a three-year-long divorce, and family medical issues I had a mountain of legal, medical and personal paperwork that needed to organize once and for all. But looking at the job made me dizzy. I felt overwhelmed and exasperated by it. So, I hired Deb to come in and help me control the mountains of paper and disarray. Deb understood the underlying emotional reasons and the overwhelm I felt when I’d try to think about dealing with it myself. She was compassionate with me and got the job done. She taught me hacks that I still use a year later to keep my paperwork organized. 


If you are looking for an organizer who is focused and kind, Deb is the one for you. 


                                                                                                                                                                           Juliette - Brooklyn 

Testimonial from a real estate Broker


"I first met Deborah when we were working with a lovely couple who were having to leave their home of 35 years for a retirement community. It was a difficult move, both physically as well as emotionally. The owners interviewed a number of organizers but in the end, they chose Deborah. They fell in love with her thoughtfulness and sensitivity as well as the creative way she organized and helped them part with most of their belongings. Unlike other organizers that I have heard about, she was not in a hurry to just toss everything out. Her skills helped this particular couple move on to the next chapter of their lives. Since then, I have referred Deborah to a number of clients, and all have had the same wonderful experience"


                                                                                                                                                               Jacquelyn (Jackie) Jackie Lew

I had a lot of decluttering to do and I could not have done it without Deborah's help. She helped me deconstruct a heavy bookcase, as well as help me get rid of piles of stuff no longer needed. My next project will be reorganizing, and being able to have her set that up for me is a huge weight off my mind.


We recently moved from our home of 26 years, two children, and four cats. We want to share with our neighbors a resource who was absolutely critical to the whole process.Deborah helped us downsize and relocate the contents of our house, and then helped with reorganizing and staging the house for the real estate market. And when I say "helped," I mean she did most of the physical work -- a powerhouse of energy -- and was the best-ever tactful counselor in helping us arrive at a place where we could start and continue to let go of things. While we were searching for a new place, Deborah was our indispensable cheering section and source of suggestions and referrals to local agents and listings. (At the 11th hour, she was the one who found the listing for the coop we're working on purchasing.)

When it came time to prepare for the actual move, Deborah made the whole huge task possible, with recommendations for movers and the work of organizing and packing. Then when we arrived at our temporary rental apartment, it was Deborah we called to help us organize ourselves into the much smaller space.

Whether you need help organizing to go or to stay, you couldn't do better than Deborah.


Highly Recommended! Deborah was terrific. After a *lot* of procrastination I finally took the plunge and hired someone to help me get out from under my apartment. In just four hours Deborah and I completely reclaimed my bedroom, which - for a while - has been a completely non-functional space except for sleeping and getting dressed. I have my room back! Definitely planning on asking Deborah to return and work on the rest of my apartment.


Deborah recently helped me organize my closets and cluttered areas to prepare to put my apartment of 14 years on the market. She offer simple suggestions and advice on how to create and maintain order. The closets look fabulous--I should have done this ages ago! And the apartments sold in the first open house. It was just the kickstart I needed to create system and order in those problematic nooks and crannies around the house. 


Deborah helped my family move out of a cluttered apartment we'd occupied for 10 years, get rid of as much as possible before moving, and set up our new apartment in a much better way. I couldn't have gotten through this process without her. Deborah has a great spirit and is patient and understanding, as well as being funny and an excellent conversationalist, and without being didactic makes you appreciate how much better life can be with less clutter. (She is also incredibly strong!) She can help you part with everything you don't need (tactfully disabusing you of weak rationales for keeping useless things), and come up with great ways of sorting and arranging everything you have. She is truly inspiring. I wish I could have her help me all the time!


Deborah was a pillar of calm for me when I was faced with the task of moving my parents out of their beloved, historic home. She guided me from the start, providing essential tactical advice about every stage and element of the downsizing and the move. She understood that I wanted only to focus on what really mattered: my aging parents' health and their future. But that I still had to get through the move - and everything that came with it. When I would get wrapped up in the anxiety about what I was certain lay ahead - the countless depressing decisions I would essentially be forcing onto my parents - Deborah would pull me back to earth and reinforce the strategies and tools I needed to get through. I don't think anyone around me, not even my husband, really understood how intense and how taxing the process was - but Deborah did. Her years of experience, the many and varied people she has worked with, and her straight-on empathy - were all of extreme value to me. If anyone out there is faced with this process, don't do it alone. Do it with Deborah.


I called Deborah in a moment of complete overwhelm. I had been working so hard to get my house ready for sale, and I felt like I was never going to get it to where it needed to be. With warmth, understanding and a great sense of humor, Deborah worked side by side with me and in just a few hours, quickly transformed my kids' rooms into beautiful, calm and easy to maintain spaces. My daughter walked in and burst into tears...of joy! She was overcome with how wonderful her room looked and felt. Not only is my home now market ready, I feel like I have learned so much about how I want to organize and keep my new home. A totally life-changing experience. And enjoyable too. Deborah is an absolute pleasure to work with. 


Shout-out here to the true hero of my apartment de-cluttering project,Deborah Goldstein!  After five four-hour sessions the results have far exceeded my hopes - among other things we threw away 28+ trash bags of stuff, and my files and drawers and closets are if not QUITE a thing of beauty then at the very least tidy, usable and no longer littered with things I don't use or need. If you are NYC area and in need of some help organizing closets, clearing space etc. you cannot do better. Deborah is extremely sensitive to the attachments her clients feel for their "stuff" and also has experience working with hoarders and in other extreme situations - if you are feeling overwhelmed by your own stuff, I urge you to contact her.



I don't often write testimonials because I am only rarely impressed by the caliber of services provided. I felt compelled, however, to write regarding Deborah Goldstein because my experience with her was exceptional. I am a recently divorced mother who was compelled to downsize from a 10-room Manhattan apartment to a cozy 2-bedroom. As moving day loomed, I found myself paralyzed by the accumulation of stuff from a 13-year marriage to such an extent that I had done little to prepare, much less get organized. Deborah stepped in and over the course of a handful of sessions, significantly reduced the burden of my stuff and more importantly, my anxiety. She approached the job with pragmatism and sensitivity to my connections to my belongings both, making me understand what was important and what I could let go. I would not have been able to pack up and move without her assistance. The work we did together enabled me to downsize to just what I needed and no more. I continue to enjoy the benefits every day as I enjoy feelings of comfort and spaciousness in my new home that I never could have dreamed of. I recommend Deborah with enthusiasm and gratitude. 




I had never met Deborah before we traveled to North Carolina to clear out my parents' home of all their possessions! The dread of that massive task was emotionally weighing on me like nothing ever had before. Deborah not only traveled with me to North Carolina, she painstakingly sifted through an entire 4-bedroom house's worth of valuables (and junk), and helped me through an infinite number of decisions (what to keep, what to sell, what to mail to relatives, etc.). It was grueling, and I would not have been able to accomplish it on my own. Deborah was patient and tireless. I can't thank her enough.




Deborah assisted our family with an apartment move within Manhattan. From start to finish, she was professional, prompt and knowledgeable in all aspects of the move. Her calm, kind and patient spirit was a welcome addition to an otherwise chaotic life event. She provided soup to nuts service (from packing to directing movers at the new location). I highly recommend Deborah. It was my good fortune to have found her!

                                                                                                                                                                                   Kennedy C


Happy New Year! If you're like me and want to launch 2017 with organized, less cluttered spaces, I highly recommend calling Deborah Goldstein at The Art Of Organizing. After we moved into our apartment I honestly couldn't face the disaster that was my storage unit. I didn't know where to start. Deb saved me. She came over and in one morning helped me organize and clear out the whole space. I felt 1000% better. I can't rave enough about how she motivated me and organized my space. Thank you Deb!!





A real estate agent who realized her client could not deal with discarding a 20 year accumulation of papers and memorabilia so her home could be put on the market, suggested she call Deborah Goldstein. Deborah was on the job for three months. To say she worked miracles would be an understatement. In addition to doing most of the physical work, she became the project manager and communication coordinator for all the other services that had to be brought in. She... helped her client process her feelings about the move while managing to be both empathetic and firm about what had to be accomplished. Thanks to Deborah’s expert assistance, the house was emptied on schedule and on budget and has since been sold. Everyone, including the reluctant seller, is very grateful. Whatever your organizational needs, I suggest you call Deborah Goldstein. I am happy to recommend her, without reservation.




I am extraordinarily lucky to have Deborah in my life, and in my topsy-turvy house. Yes, I was reluctant at first -- not so much kicking and screaming as whining and kvetching -- but I have been Enlightened. The best adjective I can use to describe Deborah is Relentless (in the most positive way.) She will calm your fears, she will dry your tears -- and there will likely be some -- she will give you all the emotional and spiritual s...upport you need, and then she'll pat you on the shoulder and say, "Lets get back to work." In her remarkably kind and gentle way, she accepts no excuses -- and, oh yes, you will offer some. And very, very soon, with Deborah as your strong right arm, you will wonder what you were fussing about. That is, aside from the heavy lifting, which continues to be a pain. Don't worry, she takes on most of that, too. In any event, the sum of this is that with Deborah's help my home is clearer, my mind is clearer and my life is a great deal easier. I can't thank her enough -- highly recommended.                                                                                          




I have a second baby on the way very soon and was looking for help in organizing my small space... Deborah Goldstein was as good as gold!! She helped me figure out what I wanted fast and I actually felt better after just speaking to her on the phone. Then she got her hands dirty actually organizing and sorting everything so that we can fit two kids in a not so big room. I would love to have her help in every room of my small apt!​​





We were looking for a home organizer to help us organize our apartment after moving from a private house in Massachusetts. We were facing an immediate need to downsize. We were overwhelmed by the task ahead. A friend suggested we go to FFN. We did. Some kind soul recommended Deborah Goldstein. Thank goodness. She has been remarkably helpful, easy to work with and reasonably priced. Her ideas are thoughtful but she also helps you focus on what you really want. She isn't defensive if you reject one of her suggestions. She's a gem.         




Deborah Goldstein recently helped transform our closets, freeing up TONS of room. It really makes our apartment a more restful place. She's an artist and has a great eye for organization--an excellent skill for New Yorkers living in tight spaces! Do yourself a favor and give her a call!  I enjoyed working with Deborah and feel 1,000 pounds lighter after getting rid of all that stuff.

​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Elizabeth


I would LOVE to recommend Deborah Goldstein for all your home organizing needs. Deborah is helping us get organized and she's been great. Our kitchen cabinets and closets never looked so good. Deborah works with your schedule; she is honest and very cheerful to be around. She comes in prepared to work




Deborah is awesome. She helped us transform our apartment. Our closets have more room and are organized. It has really helped save time and energy. Everything has a place! I highly recommend her.




 I had a great experience with  Deborah Goldstein. She was efficient, non-judgmental, and really smart about how to streamline our space. Just wanted to give a huge thumbs up for who came to our new apt today and helped moving.




Hello to all the busy parents and business people out there. I want to recommend you contact my personal assistant for an interview if you have been fantasizing about getting a home organizer/personal assistant. I found her after I made list of things one night that I needed help with, and then saw a posting from her on our local list serve. She is very competent, capable, and responsible, listens really well, and is really there to be of service. Because of Deborah, we are really seeing big shifts in our success in our business and career goals. I highly recommend her. We didn't think we had the money for a

Home Organizer, but now we realize we can't afford NOT TO have one!




Deborah is wonderful. She is highly professional, has creative organizational ideas and is extremely thorough in the

execution phase .Personality-wise she is a good fit for home-based work as she knows how to make all family members comfortable. I really cannot say enough good things about my experience.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Kaja


Deborah Goldstein is a wonder woman.  There i was just out of a long relationship and in a small apartment jammed with too many years of my life and loves.  Her eye for beauty and her sensitivity in dealing with me cannot be emphasized enough.  Her suggestions and ideas were endless and workable.  it would have taken me two years minimum to do on my own what Deborah took five weeks to achieve---it may not seem like an important point to some, but to me, her sense of color proved to be an unbeatable touchstone in attaining first-rate results.


Thank you Deborah.





I was completely under siege by the things in my house and reached a pathetic paralysis about it before Deborah came along.  Deborah provided a way for me to tackle seemingly complex and insurmountable space and organizational issues, and she did so with an ease and drive that made her time with me worth every minute.


Her goal is to create spaces and order that make sense to you, and she does so working by your side, dustpan in hand.  I accomplished more in one day with Deborah than I thought I would all summer by myself.


I HIGHLY recommend her services.



I had lived in my apartment for five years without being able to organize my stuff or even to hang my pictures. I felt anxious and burdened by my paralysis. It was my good luck that a friend recommended Deborah Goldstein’s services. I was delighted with the results. Deborah was a wonder to work with. She understood my concerns and offered great ideas without being insistent about them. Deborah unburdened me of my anxious feelings along with my unwanted possessions and helped me organize the things I use and wanted to keep. Every part of the experience was positive.


Thank you Deborah.





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